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For over 30 years, BSC Animal Nutrition Inc. has been working with Ontario livestock and poultry producers to provide quality nutrition products at exceptional value.

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About Us

BSC Animal Nutrition Inc. is a partnership between the Vingerhoeds and Squire families.  BSC takes pride in working with independent livestock and poultry producers to bring professional nutrition and management services alongside quality vitamin, mineral and amino acid premixes. We believe in balancing innovative technologies with our own experiences to improve the profitability of our customers.

Customer Service

BSC has competent, experienced staff that take pride in manufacturing high quality formulations with exceptional customer service.  Our fleet of modern auger trucks is adaptable to bulk and bagged product and ready for timely delivery of our livestock and poultry nutrition products.

Feed Assure


You can have confidence in nutrition products from BSC.  Through third party verification, our facility and protocols are dedicated to the highest standard in Canadian feed safety.

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At BSC, we understand the importance of biosecurity and the role it plays in the herds and flocks we work with.  We believe heated washbays for our trucks and standard operating procedures are important to safeguarding animal health and welfare and the profitability of our customers.

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1917 James Street S.

R.R. #4

St. Marys, ON

N4X 1C7

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